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Re: David Thewlis as Remus Lupin

Originally Posted by Lady_Snape View Post
I've seen a few of his movies when I was younger and always thought he was rather attractive, so maybe I'm somewhat biased, but I absolutely loved him as Lupin. For me, he is exactly how I pictured the character. I just wish the poor man got more screen time.

And am I the only one who doesn't mind the 'stache? In fact, I kinda dig it.
Nope, I dig the 'stache as well ... its kinda sexy

He is EXACTLY the Lupin I pictured in the books. I thought he brought a really great energy to the role - where he was gentle and kind, but also firm when he needed to be. And I think that as the films progressed you can see the change in Remus that happened within the books. He became more tired, weathered, stressed. He has been through two wars, lost a lot in the first and with a new relationship and baby he has even more to lose. I thought that was a significant change in the character which in the books was shown most clearly in the fight he had with Harry in Grimmauld Place. I think the great job that Thewlis has done can be seen in the fact that even though we don't get to see that scene with Harry, we still get that sense of character progression from him in the limited time he has on screen (at the Burrow for example).

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