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Re: Re-cast the movies!

Well I've seen some ideas and I find them amazing:

Robert Downey Junior as Sirius Black would be stunning but he should get the screen time he deserves, if not there would be no sense in casting him, he always steals the show and giving him the sreentime sirius had in the films would be stupid.
Obviously I go for Ian McKellen as Dumbldore, the guy is perfect!
Michael Fassbender as Voldmort actually made my mind explode! That choice would be some of the best casting ever made in history.
David Wenham as Remus Lupin really was a great idea!
A for the old cast I'd say that warwick Davis and Alan Rickman should absolutely remain they were unforgettable and I must say that the Weasleys were perfect in every sense, unfortunately the kids have grouwn up but there choice was stunning.

Now as for my ideas I have some:

Firstly the most hilarious is Tom Cruise as Ludo Bangman, I'd really have a laugh with that!

Colin Firth as Hagrid

Samuel Jackson as Kingsley

Hugo Weaving as Snape

Ewan McGregor as Lockhart

Not regarind casting: I'd have Christopher Nolan as director

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