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Re: HBP: Hardest scene to watch

Yeah, the scenes with Ginny/Harry aren't the best. But to be honest I don't think Ginny really comes across that well in any of the films. She just comes over as a lot more passive than she does in the books.

The Snape killing Dumbledore scene is an interesting one. I know a lot of people have a problem with this scene because, unlike the book, Dumbledore doesn't bind Harry, which means Harry just stands there watching it all play out.

I actually think this adaptation makes sense. If you read HBP, the pervading theme of the book is trust. Its pervasive in the main plot of the book (Dumbledore trusts Snape, Harry trusts Dumbledore but not Snape etc) but also in little vignettes throughout the book. E.g. Harry only pretending to give Ron Felix Felicis: Harry believing that Ron has the the ability to perform and just needs a boost to his confidence is an act of trust in his friend, one that Hermione fails to make which leads to all sorts of problems.

So the way the scene played out in the movie actually makes sense in tying back to the theme of trust. Throughout the movie, Harry's relationship and trust in Dumbledore becomes stronger and stronger until finally, at the critical juncture, he is able to put his trust in Snape. But then ends up seeing Snape commit the ultimate betrayal.

Of course, for this scene to be believable, they cut out part of the book where Harry discovers that it was Snape who heard the prophecy and conveyed it to Voldemort. This is a brilliant part of the book but I think for the movie adaptation, where they had to condense the story but still highlight the all important trust issue, this made perfect sense.


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