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Re: Questions about the Harry Potter Movies v.2

---Good question...although shoes on re-constituted Voldy would seem a bit odd in my opinion. I can't imagine a shoe that would seem in character at the point we see him. Imagine -- dress shoes...sneakers...loafers...short boots...slippers... It would ruin the overall look -- pallid complexion, snakey features, and the ethereal quality of that robe; I think shoes would somehow ruin his "look" -- but I don't know why the decision was made. Is it ever mentioned in the books? Maybe they were following book canon?---

In response to someone on the first version. This is the only time other than the fourth film where Voldemort is barefoot. You can see his feet several other times, such as the duel in the fifth film and when he destroys the shield in the last film. He's wearing shoes similar to what Dumbledore wore in the sixth film, some sort of laceless, slipper-like things. They seem practically like socks but with hard soles, lol.

Also, someone on the last version - on a page in the late 60s - asked something about Voldemort not being able to feel the Horcruxes' destructions in the seventh film, part 1. When Harry is having his vision in the last film in the lake, there's a flashback to the locket's destruction, and it shows Voldemort shouting in pain and, like, looking upward. You can see it if you go and look.

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