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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

I really liked how they showed the story of the Peverell brothers. The animation along with Watson's reading were well done.
Yes, I loved that too.

I liked when Dudley fell into the water as Harry vanished the glass and then the glass reappeared and he got stuck and Petunia came in screaming.

I liked the wizard's chess scene.

I liked everything in the Chamber and the fight with the basilisk. It was more angsty.

POA is atually one of my favourites. I liked the marauders map but not when they changed it later on. I liked how the name looked like a pop up of the parchment.

I loved he dementors and how eerie they made the environment around them. They really showed how depressing they were and how they could suck the life out of everything around.

I liked the Fat Lady singing.

The blowing up of Aunt Marge and Petunia waving at her while Vernon is yelling, "MAAAAAAAAARGE!"

I actually liked the little stuff Harry and Hermione did when they went back in time like throwing the stones and the howling as well as the chase with the werewolf. But I preffered if they had shown that Harry had come up with the idea to save buckbeak and rescue Sirius with him. They give Hermione all the lines and leave Ron and Harry right there.

I liked Remus transformation and the rest of the marauders transformation. It showed how Remus' lycanthropy is really painful.

I liked Harry under the cloak messing with Malfoy in Hogsmeade.

I liked how they made the Dark Mark in GOF not later on.

I liked the dragon and that scene.

I thought the scene with Myrtle and Harry was hilarious.

The merpeople's village was awesome.

I liked how they made the hedges in the third task scary.

I liked Voldemort's rebirth. (Well, you know what I mean)

I enjoyed the dance and the atmosphere created.

In Order of the Phoenix I felt Umbridges' Office was done well.

I liked the fights at the Ministry.

In Half Blood Prince I found Ron under the influence of the love potion hilarious.

The inferi and the whole cave scene was well done. My heart went out to Harry and Dumbledore.

Snape was shown to be better and not as cruel in the movies in my opinion.

In Deathly Hallows I liked them at the Ministry.

The tale of the three brothers.

Ron and the Horcrux.

Harry in Godric's Hollow at his parents grave. Real poignance and sadness.

The attack on Harry by Nagini was angsty and them disapparating from Godric's Hollow after jumping out the window.

The escape on the dragon was cool. Once again they gave Hermione the idea when its suppose to be Harry's.

The Prince's tale was okay. I didn't really like Snape ignoring baby Harry crying while clutching Lily's dead body. It implied he was there and did not help Harry out, just left him.

The battle was epic except for Voldemort using his robes and both of them jumping off whatever it is.

I liked the epilogue.

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