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Re: Things that bothered you about the final film

Agreeing with the previous two posts, I think the duel between Harry and LV in the Great Hall should have been used instead of all the special effects and flying around. The way Harry demoralized Voldy as he taunted him, IMO, was much better than the re-write by the film makers. I would have loved to have seen his face when old Voldy found out he'd been "had" all those years by Dumbledore's deep-cover spy, Severus.

It would have also been a chance for Harry to explain about the Elder Wand's loyalty belonging to him just before LV tried to AK him and had it backfire. I'm not sure that was really clear in the movie for those who never read the books. The book ending was just much better. Can't figure why those guys felt they had to fiddle with perfection.

A couple of other things that really got to me were:

Why was Luna at Hogwarts when the trio got there when she was suppose to be in hiding?

Why was there a blizzard in Hogsmead and, a short distance away at Hogwarts there wasn't even a flurry? It was early may, and I doubt even the area where Hogsmeade is does not have blizzards in May.


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