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Re: Do Quidditch through the Ages and Fantastic Beasts have a chance to become movies

Originally Posted by HMN View Post
Just when we thought it was over! Very exciting. I just heard the news and knew someone over here would be posting about it already.
Which is one key reason why I truly love CoS! Hopefully users who have distanced themselves of late from CoS will return for discussion: much like when Pottermore was announced.
Originally Posted by HMN
Of course I'd prefer a new book series, but I guess I'll take what I can get. 70 years earlier brings us to the 1940's if I'm doing my math right. Which means during WWII and during Grindlewald's rise to power. Taking place in NY of course is very exciting, but also interesting because the US didn't become involved in the war until 1941. This gives her a lot of leeway to use political and international relations issues in her storytelling. I would have never imagined this, but I have full faith in JKR for this to be a success.
JKR said, "Newt’s story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry’s gets underway." Now, what does she mean by Harry's story getting underway? Is it when he was born (1980))? When he started Hogwarts (1991)? The Marauder era (~1970-1980)? So these different interpretations could place Newt's story beginning any time from ~1900-1921. But as it seems like it may be a series, there seems a definite possibility that the story will overlap during the WWII/Grindelwald era - a fascinating time period in the wizarding world about which many of us have often wondered.
Originally Posted by HMN
And more wizarding world internationally. The culture differences opens up a world of possibilities.
When I first read that Newt's story opens up in New York, this was exactly my reaction. I'm very excited for JKR to introduce us into new realms of the wizarding world that Harry's story didn't encompass: culture, time, space, magical theory, etc. Given this new perspective on the wizarding world, I would prefer having Newt's adventures documented in a book format initially, with a screen adaptation to follow; but I can understand JKR's draw toward the film format.

I think this film(s) has a lot of potential, but a huge challenge will be selling it to the general public. Since we'll presumably be following Newt's life, I wonder if she'll tie in any known characters that may have had interactions with him - for instance, Dumbledore, Prof. Kettleburn, Hagrid, Luna... It would be a neat way of tying this new series to the old (and a way to engage fans who may be wary of this new perspective).


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