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Re: NEW PROJECT by JKR: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - The Film

I was so sceptical when I first heard about this, even when I found out that JKR was writing it, because it smacks of WB trying to make more money out of the HP franchise because they know we will watch more films, but I've warmed to the idea a little bit. Probably just because it's more HP and overnight I reverted back to my 10-year-old self

I think it could be good. I'm not sure how JKR is going to go about turning Fantastic Beasts into a film, but I'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt while we don't know anything about it. A lot of people seem to think that it'll be set in the 1920's, so I'd love to see the Wizarding World during that time period and I hope JKR can show the culture of then in the film. It says that the film will start in New York, so I'm guessing that it'll show Newt's travels around the world as he collects information on all the different magical animals.

I'm not sure about the series concept, whether it's going to be a series about Newt, or if they'll turn the other companion books/textbooks into films too.


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