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Dumbledore's Death in the film could have been way better.

There was some good in the film adaption of the Half Blood Prince but I, along with many other fans feel that most of the film was too romantic and there were not enough Riddle Scenes and that the burning of the Burrow should have been omitted. But I also feel that Dumbledore's death and the entire climax generally is less than a skeleton of what it is in the book and so the quality whole storyline in the film was compromised. Here is how I would have had the climax be if I had been director/screen writer:
*I would Definitely have had the bathroom scene with Draco Malfoy scarier with Snape livid at Harry and threats of Harry being expelled. I mean in the film you have Harry nearly kill an other student and seem to get away with it with merely an unpleasant look from Snape??? I would also have Harry hide the Half Blood Prince book
*I would have Hermione find the picture and information about Eillean Prince with the trio thinking 'hmmm possibly not the Half Blood Prince'
*Trelawney outside the Room of Requirement making the prophecy about the lightning struck tower and then telling Harry about Snape eavesdropping would be in the film along with the subsequent argument between Harry and Dumbledore over Snape. This would bring more tension into the film and foreshadow the disaster about to come.
*I would have Harry give the liquid luck to his friends and prepare them for the battle of the astromony tower. I would have Dumbledore's Army doubt him like they do in the book
*The cave scene was like the only decent scene of proper suspense in the entire film but could have still been way better. The graphics and Michael Gambon as an actor were both superb but the scene was too short and some details were emitted. I would have them discuss about the two orphans who were permanently damaged by Riddle and not have that music when they arrive, instead having both the natural sounds (wind, wave etc) and silence give the audience a sense of remoteness from civilisation. The boat trip should have been as it was in the book; longer with Harry and Dumbledore discussing the inferi and fire
*Dumbledore drinking the potion was extremely well done thanks to Gambon but I think Dumbledore should have fallen unconscious as in the book. Harry would have tried to revive him and got desperate before Dumbledore's eyes flicker and he asks for water. While Drinking the Potion, there could have been more evidence that he was reliving the death of his sister.
*The Firestorm scene was great but a lack of music would have made it scarier and more real to the audience. There should have been more evidence that Dumbledore was weak and the deleted scene about Dumbledore saying 'I'm not worried Harry, I'm with you' should have been put in as well.
*My battle of the Astronomy Tower would be a bit different from the book but again a lot better than in the film. The Death Scene with its lack of emotion and passivity just made me think 'whatever?' and the lack of a funeral and reaction from the Order was just schocking....
*I would have the Hogsmede Scene happen with Madame Rosmerta happen and Harry would be frozen by Dumbledore like in the book. However I would have Harry fall down on the floor cornered by the two broomsticks and not able to see above the character's feet, with the Death Eater's distinguisted by voices. The fact that Harry can see all Death Eater's on the tower cornering Dumbledore (which he can as their movements and expressions are described) is a plot hole as he would only have been able to see what was directly in front of him and he wouldn't have been able to move his eyes.
*Unlike both the book and film, I would not have Dumbledore fall off the tower but fall forwards onto the floor and lie down dead. Harry would try to revive him like he did in the cave, but this time he would be unsuccessful.
*Also thought up by myself, I would have Ginny Weasley walk up the steps onto the top floor of the tower having seen Harry and Dumbledore and Harry fly in by broom ealier. Ginny and Harry would both cry over Dumbledore but agree to pursue the Death Eaters on the two broomsticks that Harry and Dumbledore had flown up on. This scene would be a consolidation of their romance.
*Harry and Ginny chase Snape and the Death Eaters and a subsequent chase battle scene would happen in which Harry and Ginny both get defeated by Snape and Snape reveals himself as the Half Blood Prince. Harry and Ginny and Hagrid join up and everything proceeds from then on as in the books with the talk in the Hospital wing.
*The funeral would happen as it did in the Books(why on Earth did they leave that out?) and H

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