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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

I often got annoyed at the movies for omitting/changing things from the books I thought important.
I don't feel this way about the first one, however. (Full disclosure: I did see the first two movies before I ever cracked a book.) It's easy to answer this question.
In SS, when Hagrid puts the pig tail on Dudley, in the book it seems like Hagrid is just being mean. That's out of character for him. We all know he can be gruff and scary, and you don't want to get him mad. However, I can't think of an instant in the books, other than that one, when he does something evil to someone who hasn't harmed him.
In the movie, however, Dudley is face first in Harry's birthday cake when he gets the pig tail. Let the punishment fit the crime!

And speaking of the SS movie, I was completely hooked on HP from the moment the owls came pouring into the mail slot of the Dursley's door. Nice in the book, but terrific in the movie. The look on Mr. D's face!


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