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Re: Severus Snape and the Marauders

Originally Posted by MrSleepyHead View Post
... the story is really just Snape-centric fan fiction that doesn't really jive with canon.ot that there's anything wrong with that, though!
Indeed not.

The Greater Good is also excellent! Again, great acting, and showing what powerful wizards both Gellert and Albus were. Gellert was clearly another Voldemort in the making. (I have a minor quibble with Arianna's hairstyle and dress, which don't quite fit the period.)

Sereena - lol. But I think the makers of this film avoid the trap of portraying Snape as a Gary Stu because:

Spoiler: show
in his fury and pain he is actually prepared to unleash an AK on James. Holy moly. Although he is severely provoked, I can't possibly condone his willingness to murder James in that instant!

The Marauders' use of Fiendfyre is also really shocking ... although it works brilliantly in the film.

As for Severus being able to defeat the four, I can just about buy this for several reasons, and not because I want him to be a Gary Stu. Watch Peter's duelling: his magic seems feeble compared to the others; Remus seems to be doing quite a lot of defensive spells (mostly) - he's certainly not quite as full-on as James and Sirius. So Severus isn't facing four equal fighters here. Plus his white-hot anger is giving him extra energy. It's a real testament to the skill of the fan actors that they pull all of this off.

So yes, one defeating four is a stretch ... but then Canon Molly killing Canon Bellatrix is also a stretch. (IMO, Molly's white-hot fury also gives her an extra edge, and Bellatrix is perhaps complacent and fatally underestimates Mama Bear Weasley).

I don't think that Marauder fans should feel too hard done by. James shows some genuine remorse.
Spoiler: show
And Lily still chooses him at the end.
The film shows the intense brotherly bond between James and Sirius, and the kindness of James and Sirius to Remus, and it shows Peter as a three-dimensional character - hardly a flattering portrait, since we see his weakness of character and lack of moral backbone, but a convincing one. (As a Snape fan, I LOL'd at Peter being prepared to switch loyalties so quickly because he was so impressed with Sev''s magical abilities. But that's Peter all over.)

Oh, and Sirius is gorgeous. (And the guy who plays Severus is PERFECT. )


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