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Re: Severus Snape and the Marauders

Okay, I'm a Snape fan and agree that it's basically Snape-centered fanfic put on film (with great production values of course).


This Snape-centric fanfic oddly gave me a scenario that made the transformation of James from what we see in SWM to what we see in "Bathilda's Secret" potentially believable. I don't mean that I think this incident really happened canonically. I mean that seeing this incident gave me one potential scenario in which James' transformation could be believed. And that means, of course, that there could be other potential scenarios that would make his transformation believable.

The background to that comment, of course, is that I have never found James' transformation to be even remotely credible. And I have never given much credence to the argument that dating Lily could change him into such a completely different person. So, isn't it a bit ironic that it was a Snape-centered fanfic-short-film that helped me see that it might not be totally impossible for James to change that strikingly?


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