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Re: NEW PROJECT by JKR: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - The Film

Originally Posted by Wimsey View Post
Conclusion seems to be jumping the gun a little bit, given only one "dwarf" was considered! What about the wizarding world's dwarves? Too many data gaps, I expect. I also didn't see a clear description of which Christmas elves were used - important to know how morphology and magical ability characteristics were defined. For instance, it looks like the authors made some assumptions about Christmas elves that may have kept them more in line with dwarves (e.g., "short and stocky" build, "low" intelligence, "no" spell casting or magical energy). And considering the authors' conclusion that Christmas elves and dwarves are bound together by stone crafting ability, only one variable was used to categorize crafting ability, and no analysis was done to see how much of a contribution crafting ability is to the determined phylogenetic similarity. Based on the variables considered and observations for each, I'm a bit stickered as to how Christmas elves grouped so distantly from other elves.

I expect Newt would probably be more of a pheneticist than cladisticist, but I wonder if morphology and function alone are enough to adequately categorize these [mostly living] creatures! Your thoughts? I'd also expect Newt to experiment with the biological species concept quite a bit. Though the existence of half-giants like Hagrid would seem to shoot that one down!


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