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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by Goddess_Clio View Post

I always thought his ability at Occlumency stemmed from his natural secretive, introverted nature that, for me, extends to how he expresses himself. I do agree that I think he had powerful emotions but I also think he didn't have a lot of experience expressing them in effective ways which tends to be why he flies off the handle or loses control of his temper on occassion, why he's always hissing through his teeth at Harry and why he always seems angry. I think he bottles his emotions up.
His ability to present emotions would not matter because Voldemort was not judging him based on outward behaviour. Legilimency would pick up on those bottled emotions and feelings.

I think Snape would have been guarded in public and in private. Maybe not when he was totally alone but I don't think he was all that open even with Lily. I don't think it's ever mentioned in canon if he actually expressed his love for Lily to her, presented his heart to her and waited to see if she would take it. I think he didn't have the courage when he was younger (4th-5th year), lost all hope of a reconcilliation his 6th year and by 7th year became even more disheartened when she began going out with James. Snape, to me, seemed like the kind of guy to only put himself out there (emotionally) if he was certain the outcome would be positive for himself.
You've practically described me with this and the previous para. By private, I meant totally alone. I agree that Snape wouldn't have been completely open with Lily but IMO she would have known a great deal more about him than others.

The only canon evidence we have of his truly becoming emotional (as in expressing loving feelings) is with Dumbledore when he begs him to save Lily and when he discovers she has been killed. I think she died not knowing Snape's true feelings for her (though I don't think by that time it would have made a difference to her, she was already in love, married and had a baby) All other examples seem to be of Snape expressing angry, resentful emotions.
We also see him crying in Sirius' room. Except for a couple of instances, we never really see Snape get angry. Snape has always seemed to be in control in public.

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