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Re: Severus Snape: Character Analysis Reboot v.6

Originally Posted by wolfbrother View Post
Legilimency seemed to work by detecting emotions though. Strong emotions made you more susceptible to being broken into.
I may move this to the Little Questions thread but my question about how legilimens actually works still stands. If Legillimens works by detecting emotions and yet all you 'see' when looking into someone's mind is something akin to a video reel with no voice over... I think I will move this to the other thread...

Originally Posted by TreacleTartlet View Post
As I see it Snape is completely driven by emotion, and that it was his enduring love for Lily that was his motivation from the moment her life was threatened. We are shown just how strong his emotions are regarding Lily, on the wind hilltop; in Dumbledore's office after her death; and when he is crying over the letter. These are the emotions he was keeping in check during his dealings with Voldemort, and to me is what makes his skill as an Occlumens the more remarkable.
I agree that Snape is driven by emotion, but he is also obviously very skilled at publicly supressing those emotions and became, apparently, so skilled an Occlumens that Voldemort didn't even know he was practicing occlumens against him. I think the few moments we see of Snape expressing those strong emotions came at moments of personal devastation (discovering his love is in danger, discovering she has died, finding the letter written in Lily's hand and containing Lily's love) and moments of personal weakness (him succumbing to his anger with Harry).

The natural ability at occlumency seemed to come to Snape because of his ability to so effectively bottle up those emotions whereas someone like Harry (and by extension probably both his parents) who wears his heart on his sleeve had a lot of trouble with Occlumency and never did seem to get the hang of it (until, conveniently, it served the drama of the story, but I digress)

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