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Re: Should prostitution be made legal?

Originally Posted by AliceFO View Post
Nobody should think it's okay to sell your body for money. A lot of danger comes from Prostitution as well as health issues. I don't know about anyone outside the UK has heard about this but a few months ago around 7 prostitutes were murderd by the same man in the space of a week. Normally girls get into prostitution to feed their drug habbit, and its usually illegal drugs. By making it legal you are letting them feed their drug addiction, which is wrong.

These are over-generalizations, not all prostitutes are drug addicts. I think it's the same mentality as stripping, which is legal here in the US. Most of the strippers I know are beautiful woman who want a lucrative part-time job while they go to college. Sure some of them are drug users, some have mental issues, but you can't make a profession illegal just because of a few people. If drug use and mental instability is grounds for making a profession illegal, then engineering should be illegal... I know dozens who do drugs in their off hours and who have been treated for mental illness. See how illogical that argument is?

If a serial killer offs a bunch of accountants, should we make accounting illegal?

Also I don't see how LEGAL and REGULATED prostitution is any less of a health risk than picking up someone in a bar and taking them home for the night. Correct me if I'm wrong, but in countries where prostitution is legal, the sex workers are required to have frequent health exams and STD screening.


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