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Re: Is there anything in the movies that you like more than in the books?

Originally Posted by RoonibWazley View Post
Dementors fly in the books too. Read OOTP when they attack Dudley.
Actually in OOTP during Dudley's attack it says that....
"the hooded figure was gliding smoothly towards him, hovering over the ground"

Later it goes on to say that it "swoops" away.

We've always been told that the Dementors hover or float but it's never been described that they actually can fly as they do in the film. That was entirely made for the POA movie. In the books they are never said to fly through the air (like they do during the Quidditch scene in the POA movie...) but, IMO I like that they fly more then just float. I think it works, so no complaining here.

Originally Posted by pygmY_PufFer View Post
Hmmm let's see...

BTW, did you get this idea for the thread from another forum? Just wondering because I've seen this thread topic somewhere else before . Never mind, it's all right, you don't have to answer.
I sure did. I got the idea from reading a similar thread over on the Leaky Lounge. I saw that this topic wasn't posted here on COS so I though I would start it here. We need something new to talk about anyway


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