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Gilmore Girls v.2

Welcome to the second version of the thread!

last few post of version one:    

Originally Posted by pinguinolatino View Post
Exactly. Recognizing the faults in something you like doesn't mean you don't appreciate it anymore.

And It seems that the last half of season 6, not just the finale, was the Palladino's way of goofing the show up for the new writers. The out of characterness really came out of nowhere.

I'm curious about the series finale. Supposedly, ASP had it planned out already, but with her gone, do you think they're still going to follow her original plan? Or do you think they'll come up with a new one?
Originally Posted by Pegasus View Post
Why did the Palladinos ditch the show, anyway?
Originally Posted by Eira View Post
Their contract was over and they decided against renewing it. These are their reasons for why they chose not to renew the contract:
Originally Posted by Pegasus View Post
There has to be something unstated for them to give the kind of send-off they did.
Ah, well. It's Hollywood gossip, anyway.
Originally Posted by jordmundt6 View Post
The CW cheaped out on them. Pure and simple--really ridiculous since they only had TWO quality shows and the other one was the underfed cult favorite Veronica Mars. It was just "too expensive" to pay them what they were worth and keep the cast together. Stupid, stupid, stupid. However, I really think there was trouble brewing in River City during the latter stages of the 5th season as well. They appear to have deliberately written Rory into making the most ridiculously un-Rory decision ever (quitting school and moving back to purgatory, aka the Gilmore house)--was that to force Lorelai into taking the plunge with Luke? I never got that. Plus, Lorelai was understanding enough that Rory NEVER should have freaked out the way she did.

version one

Have fun with the discussion of anything Gilmore!

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