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Re: Gilmore Girls v.2

The affair with Dean was a two-way street and really, the majority of it was HIS fault. He asked Lindsey to marry him, just to get a rise out of Rory, to prove to her that he'd moved on--and he hadn't. Up to and PAST the night of his BACHELOR PARTY he was wondering--"I loved her so much, and she was so wonderful, but she didn't love me. WHY didn't she love me? Why did it stop?" Luke noticed it and tried to step in. He might have been a little more forceful, but he did just about everything except stand up when pastor said "If anyone knows of any reason why these two should not be joined..." Then, he neglected Lindsey to hang out with Rory in spite of the fact that he knew his wife was threatened by it. Rory did cheat with him and her conduct was appalling, but Dean came out looking much worse in that instance.

We've seen Rory freak out before (the stupid Chilton lit test, aftereffects of the first Dean breakup, realizing that extracurriculars were the key to a college application) but nothing this bad, and given a little space and time, Lorelai's reasoning would win out. As for Lorelai acting out of character--well, she did give Luke a lot of space when he found out about April. But I thought Lorelai might do that (only for the love of her life, mind, but I think she could and would make that sacrifice). As for the Christopher thing though--that was just ridiculous. The only thing I could think of to explain it was that the Palladinos were scuttling the series because they were being ousted.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.

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