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Re: Gilmore Girls v.2

logan really is a jerk, i don't get what rory sees in him. he reminds me of an older tristan (from chilton). i think rory has changed a lot from who she used to be, she lets logan push her around more than she let any other boyfriend...i was hoping she'd dump logan and go find jess, but that doesn't seem to be happening. as for lorelai...i agree that luke was being jerk-ish, but to give him an ultimatum like that and then run off and sleep with christopher?? bad idea. and i used to like christopher, but i felt like he was pressuring her too much to get married in paris and thats why she went through with the whole thing.

btw, did anyone catch the gilmore girls mention in the latest veronica mars??
its here if anyone wants to check it out

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