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Re: Gilmore Girls v.2

Originally Posted by Pegasus View Post
This is what I meant, too. It took Chris how many years to become responsible? He didn't have any money till he got an inheritance. Lorelai is a self-made woman (in spite of her "upbringing); Luke is a self-made man.
I see your point but they did a poor job presenting Luke as the ideal man in season six and seven. Lorelai does not frequent the social circle her parents live in but contrary to Luke, Christopher knew what to do and how to behave at dinners, etc. He doesn't need encouragement and motivation speeches for weeks just to make it to one of Emily's parties. Their trip to Paris was good for Lorelai and Chris. I had the feeling that the deterioration of their relationship was written in a very forced way. Both Chris and Lorelai were ready for a commitment while Luke was still doubting and faltering. As I said before, Luke and Lorelai are bound to end up together but they should have married in season six. The whole April plot is so very redundant and Christoper/Lorelai was squeezed in.

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