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Re: Gilmore Girls v.2

Pegasus--Chris STILL doesn't know how to be responsible which is--I suppose--part of the problem. As for his finally LISTENING to Lorelai and realizing that her heart was breaking to realize that he was the one she "wanted to want" but not the one she actually wanted or needed.

As far as knowing that he pushed her--you know that he had to know there was something wrong at least from the time he tried to beat up Luke (as pointless as Tristan trying to fight Dean, but still...).

As far as Christopher "knowing how to behave in Emily & Richard's world"--um, really? He hit the sauce as much as or more than Lorelai did. Furthermore, when he's truly invested in something he's as obnoxious, unfeeling, and self-centered as you could ever imagine (his hissyfit in the diner complaining that Lorelai was "blaming [him] for 15 years of disappointments" was ridiculous; his attempt to bolt from Sherry to Lorelai after smashing Lorelai's heart at Sookie's wedding was both irresponsible and selfish; his behavior at Richard & Emily's vow renewal was UNPARDONABLE) As far as Luke & Lorelai vs. Lorelai and Chris--Chris STILL hasn't grown up. He STILL isn't ready for a marital relationship. After the experience of trial and error with Chris, Lorelai might FINALLY be ready. Luke had been ready and more, but the insertion of his daughter brought him back to Lorelai's level. It's interesting that BOTH of April's parents were so concerned about being replaced in the little genius' affections by Lorelai that they both overcompensated and treated Lorelai poorly. Luke was defensive and passive-aggressive. Anna was hypocritical and condescending tinged with some downrght hostility that made no sense.

The biggest writing gaffe at the end of Season 6 was Lorelai bolting--she had no reason to do so. The air was clear with Luke over April and she knew that Luke loved her more than life itself. She freaked--and it was as truly inexplicable and uncharacteristic as Rory's behavior at the end of Season 5. It looks and feels like the Palladinos were trying to crash the series as they were being forced out.

I finally made it!

No worries. No spoilers here.

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