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Re: The OTHER deleted scenes

Originally Posted by harry5678 View Post
Can you tell us which bts you saw it on! Was it on the dvd bts or internet bts? If on the internet give me a link. If on dvd tell me how to get there.
I've just edited the post with this info.

here and here are the sites which I downlaod the BtS, and found these scenes being shot.

Originally Posted by Gytrash View Post
Does anybody remember seeing this scene?

I found it in a DVD magazine, when the dvd first came out. But can't remember if it's ever been seen.
What scene could that be adapting? Potions? (We can see Ron, so we can rule out the 7 potions riddle.) (Also it seems to light for Potions) But what is that thing in front of Harry?

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