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Re: The Simpsons

Originally Posted by IenjoyAcidPops View Post
Sure, but I think for a show in it's 19th season it's doing pretty well.

You know, Mad_Druid, I'm not a huge fan of that episode but the quote you posted is my favorite line of the show. Great Lisa moment. I don't know if you've ever seen the episode in syndication or if it's the same where you are, but you know how over the end credits Homer proceeds to cut all the crew members like he had cut most of Bart's team? Well, where I am, whenever the episode is shown, the credits are shoved to the side (as usual) and Homer's voice is muted, therefore a very funny part is just cut. It really really got on my nerves. But now I have the DVD, so all is well.
It's not a stand out episode for me either, but that little exchange is just great
Where I am (Australia) they usually show a few seconds of it before it's pushed to the side and ads for other programmes are shown, and then if we're lucky we see a few seconds of it at the end. I have seen the whole thing though.

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