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Re: Things you didn't spot until the umpteenth time in the HP films v.2

It took me several times of watching DH2 to see that the knights that were magically animated to protect the school had the four houses on their shields (1 house per shield, they were standing four across), so all houses came to defend against the Death Eaters. Partly because the scene was so dark, it's hard to see. But I like how it shows the houses as united in protecting the school, as opposed to the book where it makes it seem as if all Slytherins abandoned the defense.

Also just watched PS/SS again and in the scene of the house on the rock, where Hagrid says "Lily and James Potter die in a car crash, it's an outrage!" Petunia states in the background "We had to say something." Made me laugh, that she tried to justify it.


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