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Re: Half-Blood Prince Movie Reviews v.2

I gave it C…
I liked it because it is a Harry Potter film after all..well actually I had to like it because we had been waiting for 2 years to come out so I tried my best to accept it…
Though there are some points I can't overlook at all..

I wanted the battle in Hogwarts to be shown so badly, that was my biggest disappointment, I wanted everyone to be involved at that night :\

the borrow attack, would have been more reasonable without Harry and Ginny running out of the house through the fire with Mr & mrs weasley watching them and then realizing that they must follow them..
And Ginny tying Harry's shoelaces! I was like "Huh?!!?" and my sister said to me "take it easy, maybe it's normal\usual in England " well, is it??

And I still fail to find one good reason for the café girl , I had a bit of hope that we would see her again till the last minute of the film but, alas, she wasn't there..

I like Tom Felton & Emma Watson's performance , also Michael Gambon's was great..

The library scene with Harry and Hermione was very nice...
The dinner party ,the Quidditch tryouts and the canary scenes were lovely….
They did a good job, IMO. At least I like to watch it every now and then ( I do skip some scenes, actually)

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