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Re: Neville Longbottom: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by guad View Post
I always thought that Neville would have had great potential in potions if Snape hadn't ruined it for him. The base of potions are ingredients often based on plants. He could have been awesome, but alas.
That's a great observation about the plant basis for potions.

I just have to post how pleased I was with Neville's fearless leadership of the student resistance movement. He bravely allowed himself to be tortured so that he could inspire other students. He also offered himself as a sacrifice to the cause by refusing to acquiesce to Voldemort's supposed conquest of Hogwarts. And then, of course, he showed he was a True Gryffindor by being given the sword when he needed it. I'm also glad Gran recognized his accomplishments.

I also loved how he and Professor Sprout played to their own strengths and defended Hogwarts with dangerous plants. All of Neville's scenes had me cheering out loud. I'm smiling right now as I type this and remember how proud and pleased I felt for him.


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