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Re: Neville Longbottom: Character Analysis

Originally Posted by seashell323 View Post
I also wanted to add that it seems that Neville needed to be away from Harry, Ron, and Hermione in order to truly take charge and discover his capabilities. Perhaps he relied on them as the "leaders," and he wasn't able to become a true leader himself until they were gone. His true character then shines through since he obviously stepped up and assumed the leadership position that was needed within the group remaining at Hogwarts.
Originally Posted by HesHPfan View Post
I agree here, Neville needed that little step to independence and leadership. When among the Trio he could always fall back on the bravery of Harry and the brains of Hermione. Now he could shine and he knew that other trusted him and looked up to him, since he was one of the old DA crowd. I think that he got a lot of confidence since he joined the DA and developed from that point and finally showed his true colors.
I fully agree. He's not the type to claim leadership when others are around, but when necessary he proved to be an excellent leader.
I also liked very much how he followed Harrys example. He willingly lets himself torture because "Speaking your mind gives people hope" which is something he noticed under Umbridges regime when Harry did it.

Originally Posted by anabel View Post
One thing I noticed about Neville in DH was the fact that he took hardship and injury almost as a matter of course. No matter how bad it got, Neville never gave up, even when he was carrying dead and injured students back into school. Neville just kept plodding on, doing what had to be done without complaining. I think his years of being bullied and having low expectations of life prepared him for this. Neville never expected life to be easy, because it never was for him. I hope things improved for him after the final battle.
That's an excellent observation. Neville seems to be one of those guys who can take a lot, because they have received a lot.
I also might think that he supported the tortures because he knows that there can always be worse tortures only by remembering his parents

Originally Posted by anabel View Post
He would probably have a bit of a show-down every year with Slytherin students, who might try to take advantage of his good nature, but the new Neville would show them what he was made of, and after that they would behave!
Having killed a Slytherin mascot from the heir of Slytherin with Gryffindors sword might help too to get a bit of respect

And I agree with Mia_Potter, I was hoping to see your sig here anabel


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