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Re: Why did JKR feel it was necessary for us to know the Prime Minister of Britain?

Originally Posted by Harry10 View Post
As regards the Margret Thatcher thing, has it ocurred to anyone that this might be a joke? I.e. Fudge spoke to Thatcher but failed to realise that she was a woman?
And the PM is more Major than Blair. Blair had yong kids of his own when he moved to number 10 and as such would not need to give the hamster Fudge conjured from a cup to his neice.
JKR has said that she has only written one character to mirror a real life person: Professor Lockhart. Whoever the poor git is, she has evicerated him in fiction.

That being said, we can assume that JKR has not lampooned Tony Blair, John Major, or Margaret Thatcher. We can also take heart in the knowledge that she has not metaphorically hung any other real public figure in this series.

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