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The next Quidditch match including the Griffindor team was planned on Saturday. It was an extremely cold and snowy day. All Hogwarts students were wearing warm and thick clothes, stamping their feet to create some warm. It was snowing heavily and you couldn’t see the match properly, so most of the students didn’t even notice when James Potter had caught the snitch after an hour.
“And finally James Potter catches the Snitch! I say finally, because we’re all frozen to the bones here, Professor McGonagall”, the commentator, Andromeda Black, said, “I have no idea how he saw it in this snow! It’s an excellent Seeker! Griffindor wins one hundred and ninety points to forty, Ravenclaw loses! With all the points I know about, Griffindors are leaders, there are Slytherins close to them, they loose only twenty points! Then we have Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw ex aequo, losing one hundred points to Slytherins! Ladies and gentlemen, that’s the end for today, Andromeda Black was commenting for you and good-bye!”
“Bellatrix must have drunk all your Felix Potion”, Angela said bitterly, “I saw her snogging Rodolphus when I tried to watch how Potter was going”.
“You know what, I think that the Felix helped her to keep Rodolphy... it’s far away after the results of drinking. I can’t stand the thought I could do nothing to her... Wait a minute-“, Lily spoke with deliberation, “I have an idea, but I have to think about it more...”
“Hey, girls, do you think we can meet in Hogsmeade next week?”, Sirius came closer and put his arm on Terra’s shoulder. It was a bit uncomfortable for them two, as they were dressed in furry thick coats, but few Hufflepuff girls looked at Terra with a visible jealousy in their eyes, “Can we?”
“Who’s we?” , asked Lily doubtfully, “Do you mean you, James, Remus and Peter?’
‘Yeah, exactly. And Frank with Alice. They seem to fancy themselves!”, he answered, smiling, his teeth white in his smile as a snow, “No wonder half of the school girls fancy him”, Lily thought and smiled.
“I’ll go”, Terra said and kissed Sirius at the cheek, “And you?”
“I’m not sure, I’ll see”, Lily answered, thinking about other possibilities, “I’ll let you know”
“And I’ll go with Terra”, promised Angie, looking apparently pleased.
“Deal”, Black patted Angie on her back and said: “Lily, think about it. We’d be glad to talk to and drink a butterbeer with some cool girls”.
“You and your butterbeer...” Terra rolled her eyes and laughed. Sirius returned to his mates and all the students were pushing through the crowd to enter the castle as fast as they could. The cold was getting worse: you felt as if one of the Hogwarts ghosts went through you, or even worse.

Sunday was passing quickly and the news of the day was that James Potter and Sirius Black hexed Slytherin’s student Bertram Aubrey: his head was double-sized. It all ended for them with a detention: they were told to go to the Forbidden Forest with Hagrid when it was getting dark (and it was getting darker very fast those days). The boys were angry that it ruined their Sunday, because they had to write essays for different professors twice as fast as they used to.
“I’ll get a bad mark, I can see it”, Potter said, scratching his quill on the parchment as if there was a fire somewhere.
“One or two bad marks won’t kill you both”, Lily said angrily, “You shouldn’t have hexed Aubrey. I have no idea what he did to you”.
“Well... he said Griffindors were losers and they’d always be”, James said in a defensive tone.
“And you cared for that? Unbelievable!”, Lily shook her red-haired head, “Or maybe you simply wanted to show off?”
“Stop it, Lily”, Marlene McKinnon, the Griffindor chaser said, “You were no better when you hexed Avery”.
Lily blushed and then said: “I had really more important reasons but I’m not in love in my did as these two seem to be’, she nodded to them and went out to meet Snape in the dungeons.

“Lily”, Snape nodded his head and jumped up to his feet.
“Severus”, she nodded too and smiled, “I see you’ve already done a potion. What is it? I think I haven’t done it yet”.
“It’s an Euphoria potion”, he explained, “I’ve thought that it would be great to practise some potions in advance. We haven’t made it yet during the Potions classes. We can be even better at Potions if we want”.
“You’re even more ambitious than I thought”, Lily grinned, “How did you get a recipe? Library?”
“No. I’ve got my mother’s old Potions book for sixth-years. I used it and the potion was bad at first... I thought I may improve it. I added some poppy to it and stirred it a few more times. It works better, you’re in an heavy euphoria state”, he grinned and again his sincere smile was something very surprising when it showed itself on his sallow face.
“So you’ve taken this potion? Are you under its influence?”, Lily giggled, “I think so, I can see you’re more agitated than always”.
“Yep, I’ve drunk a little”, Severus jumped off the desk, “Fancy drinking it? They say it’s only addictive when drunk regularly. Then it causes quite brain damage. When you take it once, nothing really serious should happen”.
“OK, I’ll try, but only half a spoon”, Lily agreed. “Have you ever tried this?”
“No, I haven’t”, answered Snape and poured the liquid onto the spoon, “I warn you, it’s very sweet and it will last for only about three minutes. These effects have begun slowly wearing off in my case”, he put the spoon into Lily’s mouth and she swallowed it.
“Mmmh, I like it! Very yummy!”, she said dreamily and licked her lips, “The taste of vanilla is well recognizable... And I feel something like a Muggle coffee in it...’
“Because there is coffee”, Severus admitted and glanced at her pretty-shaped mouth for a second, “And many more magical ingredients like powdered leaves of flowers... How are you feeling?’, he asked, grinning widely.
“I feel like doing something”, Lily said after a while, “Like jumping of joy or something like that! Oh, this feeling is absolutely gorgeous, as if I was extremely happy, relaxed, and very lively altogether! Severus!”, suddenly she came closer, very excited, “Let’s do something crazy!”
“Like what?’, he asked, his body full of energy, his voice sounding very agitated, “What would you like?’
“I don’t know, I’d like to do something stupid! I’d like to scream to the whole world how excellent I feel!”, Lily shouted.
“Hmm...’, he came closer, “It’s hard to concentrate on something in this situation. I wish I could shower you in some extraordinary proposals but I’m afraid I have no idea, unless...”
He gently touched her face and looked into her pretty, almond-shaped green eyes. She didn’t protest but looked into his eyes like hypnotized. Her lips were semi-open, the blush on her face, her breasts waving, her skin feeling so tense...
“No”, he said.
She looked at him surprised and disappointed. “No?”
“I can’t do anything with you under influence of the potion”, Snape explained with a painful look on his face, “I don’t want us to regret it”.
“Shhh... It’s wearing off”, Lily answered, and touched his hand gently, “Severus...”
“I’d like to do something crazy without the potion working”.
He looked at her with mad glint in his eyes and couldn’t wait no more. They pressed their lips with hunger and kissed so passionately as if the whole world didn’t exist. When their lips finally separated, they looked at themselves, blushing.
“Lily?”, asked Snape, “Won’t you regret it?”
“I don’t know”, she told him, a dreamily look in her eyes. “Give me some time”.
Severus kissed her gently on her forehead and asked again: “Lily? May I show you something?”
When she nodded, he took the wand out of his pocket and waved it this way so that his wand wrote “Snivelly” in the air. The letters were burning, a yellow-red light. Then he waved his wand: the letters changed their position and formed an inscription: “Sev’ n’ Lily”.
She looked at him, surprised. He told her honestly: “You see? It’s not that bad to be named like this!”
Lily slightly shivered and looked at Snape nervously. Her face burning, her hair swinging in a hurry when she went fast towards the door, “Give me some time, please. I’ll contact you”, she said quickly and went out of the classroom.

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