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Originally Posted by Jenni Radcliffe

If there is a potion to help Werewolves, why couldn't there be one for Vampires?
Anyway, good editorial! I sure hope one of the characters turn out to be a vampire coughsnapecough, but i never thought of prof Sinistra, good theory.
After the third movie, I am positive snape is a vampire. Remember, how he shuts all the windows and turns off the lights when he substitute teaches for everyone. That scene was he automatically turned the pages to 394 for all . He is seen in the day, but is very greasy. He never sleeps. Whenever harry is prowling in the nighttime, he runs into snape. There must be a reason for it. I think that perhaps vampires are not all bad, they too, like werewolves were bitten and can't control themselves. But perhaps thats why snape is so good in potions. He can brew his potions to help him.

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