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where does JKR say that Snape isnt a vampire. I would like know i havent seen it. curious. All i saw was someone asked a question, but wasnt a well thought out one, and gave her wiggle room. She answered Er, I dont think so. and depending on how she answered that is important. Was she smiling mening she was lying, but anyways if i can remember she didnt really answer it definitively.
If Snape isnt a vampire, then he a BAT animagus or something.
the 3rd movie did it.
when Snape caught Harry at night in the hallway, after Lupin left with Harry, the ghost in the painting said "What are you DEAF? Turn off that light." Hint Hint
Then when Hermione and Harry were sitting and waiting for the others to come out of the WHomping willow, they never saw Snape go into it, and a bunch of BATS went by towards the willow. HINT HINT
the way he dresses, shutting the windows , classroom in the dungeon.

Then all the references in the book, A TON.
Quirrell said he swoops around like an overgrown BAT
RON mentioned it jokingly, when he jokes he is right.
etc .....
ALL these clues arent there for nothing. We ll find out in 6th Book, it will be about Snape quite a bit.

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