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Originally Posted by IenjoyAcidPops View Post
I loved the...well, I don't know if "shoutout" is the right word, , to $*#! My Dad Says over on CBS. And obviously Betty White was great; it actually took longer than I expected for her craziness to be revealed. Her character was described as demented a while back, and while that's not inaccurate, I wanted more dementia! So, hopefully, it's a recurring role.
Oh, yes! They totally bashed the My Dad Says show! I wonder if they go so meta as to really have Old White Man Says on Twitter . . . I should go look.

Betty White was great, but they definitely built the role up too much in interviews. They already talked about the urine thing, so that wasn't a surprise. I didn't consider anything else she did really that out there for Community--I mean, all the professors are kinda crazy.

I missed some shows last season--tell me how Senor Chang got demoted to just a student.

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