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Re: Community

I can't believe I forgot to comment on last week's episode. Troy is my favorite this season. I loved his becoming-a-man arc last week. I knew he was turning 21 in the episode but when he said '89 I still jumped in surprise and shouted, "Hey, that's my year!"

Now the claymation episode: That was completely beyond my expectations. Who knew Danny Pudi and Alison Brie could sing so well? We already knew YNB had a great voice but those two surprised me. I really loved the episode. I grew up on the stop motion Rudolph special and I thought they nailed the genre perfectly yet with a surprisingly dark undertone. This episode moved me a lot which I didn't expect at all. The bit where Abed froze nearly made me cry.

Only Community can have such gimmicky set ups that are so rich in character development. We learned a lot about Abed and almost as much about Duncan. We got some insight into Pierce's home life (I guess Troy goes home for the holidays which makes Pierce lonely?) and Britta's reaction to Abed nailing her insecurities was heart-breaking.

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