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Re: Community

Even though Community got snubbed at the awards it deserves, at least some have recognized how amazing the show is!

TIME magazine listed Community episode "Modern Warfare" at #3 for best episodes of 2010 (NOTE: The video in the link is not that family friendly!)
3. Community, "Modern Warfare"A lot of sitcoms can make you laugh. It's a rare one that can so fully share the sense of joy its cast, writers and crew have in making the show. Here, a paintball war on the campus of Greendale Community College — with the coveted prize being early class registration — leads to anarchy, backstabbing and the collapse of society. In the process, Community executes a painstaking parody of (and homage to) war movies, Matrix-style action thrillers and postapocalyptic survival tales — getting in a brilliant skewering of Glee to boot — without sacrificing the characters that give this show about adult-education misfits its heart. (NBC)

EW lists Community (along with Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock) at #4 for the Best TV Series of 2010
4. NBC Thursday sitcoms: Parks and Recreation, Community, and 30 RockParks and Recreation's ensemble united to form a warmly wacky bond with us; Community mastered a new blend of pop-culture critique and slapstick; and 30 Rock managed to continue its sharp media criticism while being first-rate funny.

AV Club ranked Community at #2 (!!) on their "The 25 best television series of 2010" list
2. Community (NBC)The premise is better suited to a 90-minute Adam Sandler movie than a TV show: A jerk lawyer, shamed into attending community college after it’s discovered he never earned a proper degree, tries to impress a hottie do-gooder by hanging out with a bunch of losers. General heartwarming ensues. It’s a limited narrative, and one Community largely abandoned by the midpoint of its great second season. But the idea still speaks to the series’ central theme. The show’s seemingly boundless inventiveness and its ability to embrace parody, drama, meta commentary, slapstick, and sentiment, are rooted in a refreshingly honest take on the lies we tell to become who we wish we could be. The jerk who dreams of heroism; the snob who wants to save the world; the Disney princess who yearns for three dimensions; the detached observer longing to be a real live boy; the goofball maturing into adulthood—these are familiar archetypes, but in the hands of television’s strongest comedic ensemble, given voice by a writing staff that hands out punchlines and heartbreak with equal panache, these parts add up to a warm, ridiculous, rewarding whole.
Best episodes: “Modern Warfare,” “Cooperative Calligraphy,” “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas”

Originally Posted by dweaselqueen View Post
Now the claymation episode: That was completely beyond my expectations. Who knew Danny Pudi and Alison Brie could sing so well? We already knew YNB had a great voice but those two surprised me. I really loved the episode. I grew up on the stop motion Rudolph special and I thought they nailed the genre perfectly yet with a surprisingly dark undertone. This episode moved me a lot which I didn't expect at all. The bit where Abed froze nearly made me cry.
It was nothing like what I imagined it would be. It probably wasn't the funniest episode, but it was the most touching one. The part where Annie and Troy defended and followed him made me smile; they're so incredibly loyal to him. But I agree with you that it heartbreaking when Abed froze. But thankfully the study group came to his rescue and got the Christmas pterodactyl to take Duncan away!

Only Community can have such gimmicky set ups that are so rich in character development. We learned a lot about Abed and almost as much about Duncan. We got some insight into Pierce's home life (I guess Troy goes home for the holidays which makes Pierce lonely?) and Britta's reaction to Abed nailing her insecurities was heart-breaking.
It seems like these past two episodes offered more characterization. I was really surprised that we got to see a more human side of Pierce. He's usually a comic relief but this seems like one of the rare moments where he's taken seriously. Same goes with Britta. We're so used to seeing her as this strong, independent woman. Seeing her cry was a very "human" moment for her.

And can I just add that all the characters looked really cute in Abed's winter wonderland?


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