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Re: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Originally Posted by DigificWriter View Post
Canon Hermione's skin color and ethnicity have never been specified (as JKR herself pointed out), so to say that Noma is a black actress playing a white character is false.
Hermione is white, though. She's described several times as looking pale, "white with fear" or pink. She's also described as blushing. Then there's also the fact that whenever a character isn't white, we're told so, like for example Kingsley. I really don't see why Hermione's skin color should be any more in question than Sirius's or Snape's or Tonks's for example.

As for Rowling being able to change something, of course she can but she can do that with basically everything and anything. She could come out tomorrow and say that Luna married Neville because they obviously loved each other in DH part 2 (she approved of that too!). I don't see how this play is any different. She approved of plenty of other actors which didn't exactly fit the characters' looks or age.

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