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also do agree that the movie did foreshadow hermione perhaps becoming a werewolf.. OR trying to find a way to deal with werewolves or something, because when she approached lupin after he had just transformed, she said lupin questioningly as if she thought that he was really just hidden in there somewhere, and she could bring the real him out... just a thought
I was just thinking, it wasn't just the wolf call, it was when she was trying to reach him by speaking to him, for a second there he started wimpering.

I don't think she'll become a werewolf but MAYBE she's Lupin's daughter? Maybe she was adopted by the Grangers. If she's Lupin's daughter that would explain why he responded to her.

This could involve Lily as well. Lupin's past is a mystery. If Lily was there for him at a time when no one else was - does that mean not even Sirius or James or Peter?

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