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Hi everyone!

I'm new here, but I cant stop reading threads like this! You all have got really interesting theories.

Lets see...I'm almost sure that there are some little things in the films that may give us a kind of "clues". Heyman's always telling how generous Jo is...
And then there's the "foreshadowing" thing Alfonso talks about. Mmm...

This is my list of "strange things" in the POA movie:

- Remus/Lily thing. As Corbin Dallas sais, that got my attention too. Long timem ago,I was wandering why he is not mentioned to be in their wedding, as Sirius was. And the fact that they believed he was a spy...
moreover, have you noticed the way he talks about Lily? Not the same way as he talks abot James at all. Maybe that's the misterious important pairing...

- Sirius inside the crystal ball (thanks Fuchsia ) Maybe it's Two way Mirror instead crystal ball?

- Nott instead Goyle.

- Ron/Hermione/Harry...and Buckbeak.- Well well...delicate stuff! lol... I must confess I'm not very much fond of Ron/hermione pairing. But I did was. Until Order of The Phoenix I thought that the thing was plain....but after reading the fifth, I got another quite opposite feeling.
I mean, i agree with angel spirit: the movies leads us to R/Hr thing..but also the books. I mean, the GOF shows us clearly that Ron had a thing for Hermione, and viseversa. So that its not legally " Movie foreshadow", in my opinion. But in the fifth book I think Hermione pays much more attention to Harry, while Ron seems to be more and more involved with feelings for her .

As Aragog _addict, I think the Buckbeak's scene its in my list of foreshadows, but from another angle. I mean..Hermione hugs Ron...but Harry hugs Hermione. Dunno...R/Hr would be the obvious, but Jo doesnt like the obvious

In summary: I cant wait to see whats happening!!!

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