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I noticed that Harry saw Sirius in the crystal ball. Either they will speak again (from the beyond) or Harry is a seer.

Other things in the movie I noticed:


* He's awefully good at navigating in the dark
* When he subbed for Lupin he closed all the windows (letting the light in) before he passed before them
* Bats swarming around outside during the time turner sequence

Hints that he may be a vampire


They landed on Fudge's head
They nipped at Harry


"You're dying....both of you" (Dementor's by the lake)
Wolf howl
Trying to reach Lupin (and almost succeeding)


"I'm gonna get that jumped up mudblood if it's the last thing I do"

I've always thought that Draco is going to make good on that promise. And not by hurling more insults. Like physically attack her.

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