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Interesting thread, and a very good question.

We know that until Wormtail returns to Voldemort in GoF that none of the death eaters are in contact with Voldemort. They are no doubt aware of his continuing existence but not of his location or his state. It's possible that one of these other deatheaters managed to save Voldys wand from the ruin of the Potters house, but then how would Voldemort have had acquired it when he was "reborn"? The only death eater present was Wormtail when Voldy first pulled out his wand, and at that point while the deatheaters knew of his return, none had seen him or had a chance to return his wand to him.

Yet, it can't have been wormtail who kept it safe for the 13 years. He had no reason to and he will only do something if he will gain from it.

My guess is that one of the death eaters, or perhaps someone at the MoM picked up the wand and stored it. Most likely a death eater, because surely the MoM would have destroyed the wand. And when Wormtail returned to serve Voldemort he simply stole his wand back for him.

Edit: Ugh, just read ilovelifex1000's post.

I completely forgot about Crouch. That makes perfect sense. He had the opportunity, the means and the reason. Yes, he spent time in Azkaban, but there is no reason to believe that before his imprisionment he didn't conceal Voldemorts wand in anticipation for his return. Once he was free from his fathers spell and returned to Voldys service, he would definitely return the wand.

Perfect sense. I can't believe I missed it. I'll have to go and re-read GoF.

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