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Re: Hufflepuff House : Group Character Analysis

Is there a predominant quality that a Hufflepuff must have in order to be a Hufflepuff?

From what I think, most Hufflepuffs seem to be hardworking and loyal.

Hufflepuff House seems to be the collection house for those that don't fit in the other houses, is this the case? Could it be a collection of students who don't fit in the other houses plus those specifically chosen for Hufflepuff house?

It could be, but I doubt it, because that would be sort of unfair. Plus, that house would be packed. No, I think each and every student fits into a house.

What Hufflepuffs do you think will be key players in the last book?

Tonks, maybe Cho, Ernie, Hannah, Justin, and any others that I missed that were loyal members of the DA.

What are the significance of Earth and the Badger to Hufflepuff?

I think you work the Earth, and Hufflepuffs are hard workers, and reap the benefits.

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