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Re: Hufflepuff House : Group Character Analysis

I am still hopeful that Susan Bones might have some role to play in Deathly Hallows, although I guess she was more someone to show that Harry wasn't the only one losing family members. But I always liked her.

I think Tonks and maybe one student are going to play a role. There is still that little item of the Hufflepuff cup that could get a student involved with the horcrux plot.

What are the significance of Earth and the Badger to Hufflepuff?

Well I don't know about Earth, although you could say that at least one person is daily extremely busy with earth and everything that grows in it, Professor Sprout. I don't know what real reason it could have.

Badgers are very sociable animals, that live in close knit family groups, which is something that makes sense for Hufflepuff because the students seem to be very close with each other.


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