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Re: Hufflepuff House : Group Character Analysis

Of the Eurasian badger, the following info about its defense seemed enlightening:
In most cases, the badger's first reaction to danger will be to turn and run, dashing down into the nearest sett entrance if there is one nearby.

As for the badger's reaction if cornered, our knowledge of this sadly derives mostly from accounts of badger baiting sessions, when these unfortunate animals are pitted aginst a succession of dogs. The tactics used in defence probably depend on the nature of the individual badger: some are more aggressive than others. Some badgers will tuck their heads between their forelegs and rely on their thick fur and tough skin to provide protection from the bites of their attacker(s). Most will also raise their heads from time to time, bringing their teeth into use: the Eurasian badger has powerful jaws, and can use them to devastating effect if necessary.
I can see how the tendency of the Eurasian badger to avoid a fight first, and then rely on menacing noises and tough hide if that should fail, might also be true of Hufflepuffs. I was surprised, because I always associated badgers with lone creatures -- vicious fighters -- but that seems to be the case with those found in North America more than those found in Britain. In fact, those in Britain also seem to work better as a group, and this was also something I found surprising. It seems to make more sense to me, now...

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