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Re: Hufflepuff House : Group Character Analysis

Is there a predominant quality that a Hufflepuff must have in order to be a Hufflepuff?
I actually think the sorting hat chooses the house according to what qualities you value regardless of whether you have those qualities (But if you value them you will generally display them)
The qualities of Hufflepuff are fairness, loyalty and hardwork.

Hufflepuff House seems to be the collection house for those that don't fit in the other houses, is this the case? Could it be a collection of students who don't fit in the other houses plus those specifically chosen for Hufflepuff house?
No I don't think that it is the *leftover* house at all. Those people who really don't want to go into Hufflepuff are those who do not value it's ethos. Any student that sits there thinking "Not Hufflepuff" is not going to go into that house.
I think the way the sorting hat works you go into the house whose values most closely match your own. There is no *leftover* house. For example Cedric may seem braver than Neville or Seamus, but as he values fair play above bravery then he belongs in Hufflepuff.

What Hufflepuffs do you think will be key players in the last book?

I think Tonks is going to be a key player. I am so glad she was revealed to be a Hufflepuff. Her determination to stand by Lupin in HBP I think is a very typical Hufflepuff trait.

What are some of the decisions that students from other houses have made that Hufflepuffs would decide differently?

I think most of the things Harry does a Hufflepuff would do differently They are not blinded by ambition or a determination not to give in as Slytherin and Gryffindor (respectively) students might be.

What are the significance of Earth and the Badger to Hufflepuff?

I've read some interesting stuff in previous posts. Most particularly when Guad I think it was poated something about the Badger being a symbol of healers. I was like because I created a character in my fanfic who is a Hufflepuff and she is a healer.

What is the significance of JKR splitting the students into classes and why did she make Hufflepuff House from a literary perspective?

I think it is to show that ambition and cunning, courage and bravery, wit and learning are not everything. You need people who are loyal fair and prepared to work hard. Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.


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