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Re: Hufflepuff House : Group Character Analysis

Originally Posted by oneinhufflepuff View Post
This quote to me has always exemplified Hufflepuff house more than any other quote in the series. It's very telling, especially because we get to see it from Harry's perspective. Harry, a "true Gryffindor" is actually amazed that Cedric would turn down the cup. We can deduce from this comment that if Harry had been the one standing there first, he would have taken the cup. And that's really the crux of the difference between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff: Harry clearly values glory and honor, which is a viewpoint taken by most of the wizarding world and the whole reason for the tournament. However, for Cedric, winning means far less than being fair. The reward becomes meaningless to Cedric if it doesn't represent fairness. For Harry it represents glory and fame, triumph. The cup is sort of a metaphor for what most drives the character of each of the two houses.

In fact, I think this is why Hufflepuff has not had "glory" in centuries. They don't win things like examinations and tournaments and sports games unless these endeavors are based on fair principles. The fact that Harry lives in a world where Hufflepuff does not achieve "glory" suggests to me that Harry's world is very unfair indeed. And we must admit that the difference between Slytherin and Gryffindor is not that Gryffindor won't cheat, no quite the contrary, Gryffindor house has few qualms with "bending the rules". True Hufflepuffs would never cheat, and therefore in a world full of cheating, would never win. If the tournament were fair and therefore Harry was not in it, Cedric would have won. Voldemort's presence in the wizarding world tends to corrupt, which is why Hufflepuff gets such a bad rap: Fairness is simply an underrated quality in Harry's time. Cedric's completely unfair death at the hands of the champion of unfair Slytherin values really sort of symbolizes the corruption of the world, and the death would not have been as meaningful if Cedric had not been a Hufflepuff I think.

Hufflepuff I think is a very important house and in some senses even more the opposite of Slytherin than Gryffindor is. Hufflepuffs thrive in a fair and honest world. I hope to see the wizarding world become more in line with the Hufflepuff ideal in Deathly Hallows, and I think the house will indeed have its part to play. As I think one character mentioned somewhere (though I've lost the quote) Hufflepuffs are just the type the ministry needs. I agree: Hufflepuffs are the judges and the rule makers, the listeners and the balancers. The more Hufflepuffs in charge of things, the better for all the houses. And Gryffindor is just the house to go out and fight for their Hufflepuff friends to get their fair and honest world.

Yay Hufflepuff! My favorite house in the series, as to me it's always symbolized egalitarian values and a sort of "democracy."
I love Hufflepuff House too. Simply because one does not achieve fame and fortune, does not mean they are any less intelligent or have less potential. However, there is no evidence to suggest that Harry wouldn't have done the exact same noble thing as Cedric and not take the Cup. Harry probably values fairness as much as anyone, bcause that he suffered unjustly in his childhood, understanding and believing in equality.

Just as Peter Pettigrew can be in Gryffindor, so could many Hufflepuffs differ greatly from Cedric. Ernie for example was very petty and immature when he believed Harry could be the heir to Slytherin and Justin is lovable, but very pompous. Hufflepuff may have great members like Tonks, but not all will exemplify her (and Cedric's) values, respectively. The wizarding world needs the Hufflepuffs, but they would be stuck without the efforts of the (mainly) Gryffindors who actually make sure evil is punished.

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