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Re: Hufflepuff House : Group Character Analysis

Originally Posted by Humble_Badger View Post
I haven’t read this anywhere (so let me know if I am the first here) but has anyone suggested the connection to the Badger in “The Wind and The Willows?” It seems so obvious, someone MUST have thought of it before.

I pulled this section off the web


From the chapter in The Wind and the Willows Chapter 4 - Mr. Badger


Sure, he’s grumpy at first (who isn’t especially when you don’t know who is outside your door in the middle of the night). Yet when it is a friend, he invites them in immediately and where do they go? Right to the kitchen!

J. K. Rowling was a school teacher.I am certain an English classic like The Wind and the Willows could have escaped her mind when she picked the badger as Hufflepuff’s mascot.

Perhaps too there is a glimpse of the Hufflepuff common room in that chapter as well!
That's a great find! It's very possible that JKR thought about the Wind in the Willows when she created Hufflepuff.

Badger is in a sense quite like Cedric Diggory, who was a nice person and a good leader. Although they are quite different too.


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