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Re: Prisoner of Azkaban movie clues

Originally Posted by TheAndy View Post
I don't see the Hermione/Ron as forshadowing anything as we all knew it was only a matter of time before it was going to happen. As for Snape protecting harry, he had already done this in PS.
yes, but that was a pysical spur-of-the-moment thing. he could easily have just let the wolf at them and pretended nothing happened....
it's jsut different, you know?

Originally Posted by ohelberet View Post
Do you remember what Dumbledore says at the beginning of year feast? Something like "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times... If only one doesn't forget to turn on the light ..." May be it has something to do with the Put Outer he leaves Ron in his will?
that's amazing!!!

plus the way remus talked about lily on the bridge, and how he recognised harry by his eyes.

Originally Posted by turnipjuice View Post
regarding Ron and Hermione, When the three of them are "watching" buckbeack get killed, and they hear the thunk of the axe, Hermione is standing between Ron and Harry, she starts to cry and turns to Ron and not Harry. I thought this was a clear indication that Hermione and Ron would end up together. I think at the time there were still a lot of people thinking otherwise.
it was like the end of book 6!!!! And their relationship in film 5 was like the end of book 7! imo! LOL!!!!!

= I like to support the underdog
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