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Re: Prisoner of Azkaban movie clues

Originally Posted by ohelberet View Post
Do you remember what Dumbledore says at the beginning of year feast? Something like "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times... If only one doesn't forget to turn on the light ..." May be it has something to do with the Put Outer he leaves Ron in his will?
Great observation! I never thought of that before!

Originally Posted by cardinalguy
I'm surprised no one's mentioned Harry's first patronus. In the book, the happy memory was when he found out he was a wizard. In the movie, he said he was thinking of his parents talking to him.

"I was thinking of him... and Mum. Seeing their faces. They were talking to me, just talking. That's the memory I chose. I don't even know if it's real. But it's the best I have."
I like this one. It is kind of foreshadowing that actually in Deathly Hallows Harry being able to talk to his parents in The Forest Again was what helped him through his most difficult task yet, and much more difficult than producing a patronus.

I think the main clue from the PoA movie was when Snape jumped in front of Harry to protect him. I always had thought this was a strange scene as I didn't understand why Snape's first instinct would be to protect the boy he loathed so much, but after DH it makes perfect sense.

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