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Re: Prisoner of Azkaban movie clues

There are two which stick out in my mind:

1. Severus Snape literally putting himself between Lupin's Werewolf and "The Trio". He came VERY close to getting swiped by Lupin's paws/claws. Take a look at his face. He's white as a bed sheet. If you pay close attention(with Rickman's BRILLIANT portrayal as Snape, who can't), you also notice that he looks up at Lupin with a pleading look. After reading Deathly Hallows, I noticed he barely breathes, yet keeps a firm grip on the kids. He's the one who takes the Werewolf's rage, etc. If you watch and pay close attention, he hardly moves. It's as if he's too scared to move, frozen on the spot. However, he's not "alone", taking all the rage. Padfoot fights Lupin's Werewolf. So in a sense, he's not the only one taking on the rage of a Werewolf. When Snape is knocked down, he falls hard and kind of on top of the kids. As he's getting up, he looks over to make sure Harry is safe. This shows Snape was willing to die to protect Harry.
2. Remus Lupin telling Harry about Lily's Eyes and her inner beauty. How she saw the person WITHIN you. She saw past a Person's Handicap, physical appearance and saw the Person Inside. In short, she brought the best in a person. He basically said he wasn't afraid to be himself. She saw past his infliction, wounds, etc and saw who he really was.
This is a foreshadowing to the Snape/Lily Friendship, that Snape LOVED Lily since he was a small boy. Even though Petunia had that prejudiced he's "THAT Snape Boy" as if he would turn her into a Troll with the blink of an eye, Lily saw past that "reputation", his sickly appearance and saw the person he was inside. I also noticed how she kind of let loose when she was with him. She wasn't afraid to let the "wilder" side within her out. Yet, with Petunia, she was more reserved for fear of her running home to Mommy and tattling. With Snape she had that "Go, ahead, tell, I DARE you".
It's clear from his "" plea to Harry before he died that he found acceptance and LOVE in Lily's eyes.
3. Snape's "Look at you two quarrelling like an old Married Couple" to Sirius in "The Shrieking Shack" is a foreshadow to Snape's Parents "arguing" about him. Although, if Harry had seen more of Snape's Parents, I think it would have solidified the fact his Father abused his Mother and possibly him. It's clear from his clothes that he was neglected. Even at 9, he was left to his own accord. It's clear he wore what "was clean" and didn't give a rat's tush about what he wore because his Mother probably neglected him. If she had cared, she would have made sure he at least had clean and decent clothes to wear. It's also clear he was left to fend for himself because of how skinny he was. Much like Harry was himself. He was the Victim of Abuse(though probably not as severe as Severus Snape) because he had people "watching" the Dursleys and looking out for him. Though you know he often got fed cold food, scraps from the table, was left to fend for himself. I think if we saw any memories of his home "life", I think it would be clear Snape was raised in an unloving home. If it hadn't been for Lily, I think he would have been more like Voldemort, but for some reason, Lily made him see the light, hope, etc.
3. Remus Lupin telling Harry he's more like his Parents than he'll ever know.

Here is the Youtube video of the Werewolf scene:


I TRUST Severus Snape!!!!

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