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The Left For Dead Franchise

I checked to see if this thread had already been made, but nothing came of it, so voila! Just wondering if anyone here plays this game? It's pretty much the most awesome franchise - such a simple task to complete throughout, but oh-so entertaining and different every time. The XB360 Live community is also really closely-knit, and I'm loving the mutations at the moment, especially 'TAAAAAAAAANK!', and the Versus Mode is always a favourite.

Oh, and what do you make of the new survivors? In my opinion, they're not a patch on the old'uns, apart from Ellis, I suppose. He's got a bit of entertainment to him.

By the by, if you fancy a little entertainment of how much some people just absolutely fail at this game (I'm not saying it's a horrible thing, but you can't be good at everything ), check out Cricken's videos on YouTube, I think it's something like 'Moments of getting owned.' Hilarious, if you've got time to spare!

And check out the Left For Dead band, The Midnight Riders (they're a rock band, just warning you guys that might hate this particular genre) but I love 'em!

So, go ahead, if you please: have discussions, swap stories and is anyone here interested in a L4D 3?

( hating please, people. That's not the mature way to handle things, thanks. Yes, I know that CoD is out there waiting to 'own L4D', but I like CoD, too. )

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